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Yxstian Gutiérrez, Alcalde de Moreno Valley. (ARCHIVO)
Yxstian Gutiérrez, Alcalde de Moreno Valley. (ARCHIVO)
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Yxstian Gutierrez has made perfectly clear that if he is elected to the Riverside County Board of Supervisors, he will be just another uncritical vote for the interests of public employee unions, particularly the Riverside Sheriff’s Association.

“As our Supervisor, JEFF HEWITT voted against the proposed budgets for all of Riverside County’s first responders, including County Firefighters and EMTs and the Sheriff’s Office,” declares a recent Gutierrez mailer attacking incumbent Supervisor Jeff Hewitt.

What Gutierrez is referring to, of course, is Hewitt’s vote against the .

Hewitt had proposed allocating additional funds to pay down the county’s pension debts, which his colleagues opposed. Without this fiscally responsible move, Hewitt voted against the budget.

“I want each and every one of these county employees that are affected by this … to get all of what’s been promised to you … we need to at least start taking a swat at it and $10 million for a county this size, that’s just showing we’re going in the right direction,” Hewitt said at the time.

Naturally, none of this came through in Gutierrez’s smear of Hewitt.

Integrity evidently isn’t exactly Gutierrez’s strong suit.

“Hewitt’s extreme and bizarre views on public safety, and his disgraceful treatment of women, are two of the reasons local firefighters, police officers, sheriff’s deputies, and nurses oppose him,” Gutierrez continues.


One of the classic political tricks is to leave out the word “union” at the end of those occupations. At the end of the day that’s the only card Gutierrez has to play.

If elected to the Board of Supervisors, Gutierrez will be yet another pawn of the county’s public employee unions, especially the Riverside Sheriff’s Association.

Amid a recession and threats to the county’s finances, Riverside County’s Board of Supervisors needs someone who will be a fiscal hawk even when it is unpopular. Gutierrez will be in no position to make the tough calls that will need to be made if and when economic conditions continue to worsen.

Riverside County voters, reject Yxstian Gutierrez’s cynical campaign and re-elect Jeff Hewitt.

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