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Over the course of this year, our editorial board has surveyed hundreds of candidates, conducted several dozen interviews and issued dozens of endorsements in races across Southern California. Here are our endorsements to date for the November 2022 election.

We will provide weekly updates as we continue to issue endorsements. You can read full endorsements in the links below to understand our reasons for our decisions.

Statewide office

Statewide measures

Los Angeles County

  • Hydee Feldstein Soto for Los Angeles city attorney
  • Kelly Gonez for Los Angeles Unified School Board

Orange County

Inland Empire

Sourcing & Methodology

To help you make decisions about the numerous candidates, measures, propositions and other races on your ballot, our editorial board (made up of opinion writers and editors), makes recommendations every election. The process is completely separate from newsroom reporting and journalists. With the exception of our executive editor, the members of our editorial board are not news reporters or editors. 

, the opinion editor for the Southern California ɫ̳ Group’s 11 newspapers, heads the editorial board and guides our stances on public policy and political matters.  

Every week, our team analyzes legislation, monitors political developments, interviews elected officials or policy advocates and writes editorials on the issues of the day. Unsigned editorials reflect the consensus of our , with the aim of offering arguments that are empirically sound and intellectually consistent.

We apply this same process when considering to endorse candidates.

As a practical matter, we are selective in which races we endorse in. We endorse on all , competitive , select races for the  and select countywide and city elections.

We identify credible candidates through surveys and interviews, deliberate based on our editorial precedent and in light of contemporary realities, and issue endorsements accordingly.

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